Before you go mobile, go online


The internet is a source of abundant information on the mobility of students, researchers and workers. 

Practical information 

There are several web pages providing practical information on mobility in the educational sector as well as on the labour market. 

  • The Commission has created the EURES portal, which aims to be the principal guide for employers and job-seekers reaching out to the European market. In its self-desciption, the portal states that it provides “job vacancies in 29 European countries, CVs from interested candidates, what you need to know about living and working abroad and much more”.
  • A similar tool for students and researchers willing to move abroad was launched by the Commission in 2003 – the Ploteus portal. Its aim is to help students, job-seekers, parents, guidance counselors and teachers to find information on studying in Europe and on lifelong learning. 
  • The Solvit portal, which is also run by the Commission, helps to solve problems linked to the internal market, including labour- and educational-mobility issues. It provides success stories, guidance for submitting the case, and contact details for the national Solvit centers. 
  • The Your Europe portal is centred on detailed practical information on citizens´ rights and opportunities in the EU and its internal market. It offers advice on how to exercise these rights in practice – for example about living, working and studying in another EU country. 
  • A collection of practical information and positions on student mobility can also be found on the National Unions of Students in Europe web-pages. 
  • is another guide to the European higher-education space, providing information on studying opportunities abroad and online counseling, as well as sharing of information.


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Mobility is a complex phenomenon. To judge its positive and negative effects on society and economy in the countries of origin and destination, one needs to build arguments from hard data. On the other hand, mobility has its practical side. The opportunities it brings cannot be fully exploited and its challenges cannot be efficiently faced without proper practical information for those who wish to "go mobile". 

As huge and dynamic a source of information on the internet is, a 'road map' is still needed to find the way to relevant information. EURACTIV prepared a short overview of internet resources in English. 

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