Bring workers back to Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government would be well advised to attract workers who have found jobs abroad back to the country, said the chairman of Bulgaria’s Economic and Social Council in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV partner portal

Professor Lalko Dulevski said that “the lack of qualified workforce in Bulgaria is becoming more pressing in the business sector”. In addition to that, he pointed to the job-creation potential of small- and medium-sized businesses that workers returning to their home country typically set up.  

Dulevski said that he was fairly optimistic about the prospect of workers returning to Bulgaria, citing the experience of other EU members such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland, which “shows that there was an upsurge of emigration before accession, which was stopped when governments acted economically smart and put structural and cohesion funds to the right use”.

He urged the Bulgarian government to speed up administrational procedures and to invest EU funds to develop the tourism and agriculture industries. He also cited the – as he believes, positive – example of the Baltic States’ taxation policy, sharp tax cuts which, he said, helped create a business-friendly environment in those countries. 

Read the full interview here

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