Business leaders predict a less safe world for next generation

Business leaders appear less concerned about future prosperity, finds a survey by the World Economic Forum. Respondents have given higher importance to quality of products and services and corporate reputation than to financial performance of companies.

A survey carried out among participants of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has found business leaders predict that prosperity (59 per cent) rather than safety (27 per cent) will characterise the world for the next generation. In the "Voice of the Leaders" survey, business leaders have been found to be more pessimistic about the safety of the world (61 per cent) than citizens (48 per cent), based on a separate WEF survey "Voice of the People".

Respondents were asked on what basis they measured success of their corporate strategy. The results were as follows:

  • Quality of products or services (27 per cent)
  • Corporate reputation (24 per cent)
  • Profitability (17 per cent)
  • Return on investment (13 per cent)
  • Sustainability (6 per cent)
  • Stock market performance (5 per cent)

Eighty-two per cent of respondents said they were more optimistic now than a year ago regarding the global economy.

This survey was carried out among business represenatives from the world's top 1,000 global companies that were delegates at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting (21-25 January, Davos, Switzerland).


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