Employment experts look at EU job policies

The different aspects of ‘the workplace’ will be in the spotlight during the annual Employment Week event, with labour-market policies the main focus of the two-day conference.

The 2007 edition of the annual event focuses on the workplace as well as on more general labour-market issues. In the workplace slot, among the issues to be addressed are:

  • The role of flexicurityin Europe’s future: Speakers form the Commission, from Tilburg University, the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies and from the Air France-KLM Group examine what may soon be agreed as the socio-economic model for Europe’s future, with the key question being whether flexicurity will really work in practice and balance the interests of workers and employers; 
  • the problems of attracting, nurturing and retaining talent in the knowledge economy;
  • responses to demographic change, and in particular the approach of active ageing and its consequences for companies and employees;
  • job qualitywork-life balance and questions as to the importance and the measurability of these factors and changes, and;
  • diversity and the challenge of creating opportunities for all. 

In parallel, issues such as job creationrestructuringmobilitymigrationimmigration  and energy efficiency  and environmental issues will be discussed. The conference will be accompanied by a series of more practice-oriented events, such as on information resources on the internet and question-and-answer sessions with EU institutions. 

Speakers include Commissioner Vladimír Špidla and several high-rank Commission officials as well as representatives of other EU institutions and agencies and secretaries of state from the present German and the future Portuguese EU Presidencies. Opening speeches will be given by Manpower’s Executive Board Member David Arkless and by Xavier Prats-Monné, director of Employment, Lisbon Strategy and International Affairs in DG Employment.

Employment Week takes place in Brussels on 5-6 June, gathering experts and decision makers from companies, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks and administrations from local to European level. Delegates will debate what needs to be done to boost employment and socio-economic performance throughout Europe.

  • EURACTIV publisher Christophe Leclercq, who is also a member of the Employment Week's Advisory Council, will moderate a plenary session on 'Challenges and Policies for Europe'.
  • As official knowledge partner of Employment Week, EURACTIV will report with a series of articles throughout the event.

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