Italian Presidency focuses on finding a common ground on CSR

Following the example of the Belgian and Danish Presidencies, the Italian Presidency is due to hold a CSR Conference on 14 November 2003 in Venice.

The Italian presidency is due to hold a CSR conference on 14
November to promote the concept and comparison of the various
approaches in Europe, as well as to help the search for a common
European structure to evaluate CSR initiatives. The conference is
due to take place on the day after the high-level meeting of the
Multi Stakeholder Forum on CSR concluding the second wave of round

The Presidency conference is organised as part
of its ongoing cooperation with Bocconi University. The project,
entitled "Corporate Commitment to Welfare", aims at encouraging
enterprises not only to comply with social and environmental rules
but also to finance specific social policy programmes in order to
become front line players in implementing national and local social
policies. In exchange, the project also looks at how governments
could better use financial and tax instruments to motivate
companies' work relating to CSR.


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