Job Days attract tens of thousands across Europe

The success of the European Job Days, with 500 events in 300 European cities, has taken the Commission by surprise.

Some 3,000 visitors visited the Brussels event, which took place in the presence of Commissioner Vladimír Špidla in the city’s regional parliament. Thirty employers looking for workers were also there. “The European-wide job fair is an excellent example of different political, social and economic actors joining forces to spread the word about the advantages of a free labour market to workers,” Špidla said. 

Initially, the Commission had planned to organise only one event in each of the 25 member states, in co-operation with actors on national and regional levels. Officials were overwhelmed, however, by the interest on the side of co-operating partners. Until shortly before the event, which took place on 29 an 30 September 2006, applications kept coming in from more co-operating partners. In the end, almost 500 events took place in close to 300 cities, not only in EU countries, but also in Bulgaria, Norway and Iceland. 

The Job Days aim to bring jobseekers and employers looking for workers into direct contact. Job interviews can take place directly at the Job Days sites. In some cities, sectoral job days take place at regular intervals. In Brussels, for instance, this was already the fifth event in 2006; two more Job Days will take place before the end of the year. 

What made the difference to past Job Days was the focus on encouraging people to find a job in a different EU country, providing information on where to look out for a job abroad and guidance on information resources, such as the Commission’s EURES portal. The Commission has announced that the success of the 2006 events will ensure that Job Days are held annually from 2007 onwards. 

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