Gender equality – Is a quota system the best approach?

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This article is part of our special report Jobs and Growth.

In its ‘Strategy for equality between women and men 2010-2015’, the European Commission committed itself to supporting the promotion of gender equality in the implementation of all aspects and flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy, and also to promoting female entrepreneurship and self-employment.

In 2012, the discussion focused intensively on gender balance in the boards of companies, with the aim to reduce the barriers for women to access board positions and to improve corporate governance and company performance.

Will the gender quota debate have an impact on all leadership roles in companies? Is there a need for a sector-specific approach?

How can policy makers ensure standardised implementation of the regulation across member states?

How can self-regulation be monitored? Is the introduction of binding quotas a solution? What are the alternatives?

How can quality of candidates be ensured / secured in a quota system?

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