Athletes advised on dos and don’ts of sports betting


The EU's elite athletes' association has joined forces with the European gambling industry and online sports bookmakers to educate professional sportspeople on the integrity of betting.

An educational campaign aimed at "helping professional sportspeople better understand and deal with issues surrounding the integrity of sport and betting" was launched on 15 April.

The campaign is supported by a code of conduct on sports betting for athletes, jointly developed by EU Athletes, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and the European Sports Security Association (ESSA).

The code of conduct provides concrete advice on how to avoid or address specific risk situations, such as when an athlete has sensitive inside information on team tactics.

The advice given ranges from familiarising oneself with the rules to abstaining from match fixing and betting on oneself or opponents.

The initiative will initially target a number of EU Athletes' member associations for cycling, handball and basketball in France, Germany and Spain.

Walter Palmer, secretary-general of EU Athletes, believes that the "pilot programme will develop best practice in player education on sports betting issues across Europe".

Sigrid Ligné, secretary-general of the EGBA, said that the code and the campaign represent "a very important first step" in preventing situations that could raise suspicion or trigger corruption.

The campaigners expect the code of conduct to provide the foundation for an "education programme" on the matter.


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