Combating discrimination in sport is a priority for UK Presidency’s EU ‘sports policy’

Combating  all forms of discrimination in and through sport will be high on the UK Presidency’s sports policy agenda, says UK sports ministry spokesperson William Powell.

The UK prioritisation of discrimination in sport follows an earlier Commission decision to set a deadline for receiving replies from national authorities concerning sports federation rules. The Commission wants to know if any national sports federations have rules that discriminate against non-nationals by the time of the next informal sports ministers meeting in September 2005. 

The Commission says it will not hesitate to start infringement proceedings where rules discriminate against non-nationals.

Health is another of the primary focuses of the UK Presidency’s ‘sports policy’, building on the Commission’s study into young people’s lifestyles. It is unclear at this stage whether or not the promotion of volunteering, one of the three core themes in a recent Commission consultation of the sports movement, will be another priority.

Anti-doping will be another priority, with discussion on how soon member states will ratify UNESCO’s Convention on doping in sport. 

Developing the Luxembourg proposal on sports-minded schools is not currently on the forthcoming UK Presidency’s agenda. The UK has already developed the Sportsmark and Activemark schemes, which are similar in nature to the Luxembourg proposal.


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