Member States close ranks on football security ahead of Euro 2004

With the start of the European football Championships in Portugal
inching ever closer, Member States have agreed to forger closer
links and develop the use of national football information points

In a welcome development in the run-up to the Euro 2004 football
championships, the Council have approved a report evaluating the
implementation of a Council Decision on security for football
matches with an international dimension.

Noting the evaluation conclusions on the implementation of the
Council Decision relating to the creation of national football
information points, the Council stresses the need to improve
information exchange and the use of categorisation of

In view of the fact that football is one of the major sporting
activities in Europe, that it attracts large crowds and involves a
large number of people travelling across borders, the Council is
seeking to ensure a secure and safe environment for spectators.

In a separate point the Council welcomed the establishment of
contacts between relevant Council bodies in the field of police
co-operation and the Union of European Football Associations

It also calls on Member States to encourage appropriate domestic
bodies to forge closer links in organising matches, standardising
ticket-sales policies and improving the training and greater
involvement of stewards. In the annex to the conclusions it says
that the football handbook for international police co-operation,
which is a key tool in the fight against football-related violence,
should be reviewed at least every four years.



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