MEP behind EYES sees potential in ‘sports-minded’ schools label

Doris Pack, the German MEP who was the driving force behind the European Year of Education through Sport 2004, is positive about discussion the year has triggered at national level.

The Luxembourg proposal to launch an EU-wide ‘sports-minded schools’ label has the potential for long-term success if member states keep the issue on their agenda, says German MEP Doris Pack. She adds that EYES has promoted more discussion at national level about the role of sport within schools and school curricula. A question she sees as key is to determine the organisational framework that can help youth athletes combine a career in sport with the achievement of good academic qualifications.

She highlights a transnational project designed to help schools offer young elite athletes a good training environment through close co-operation with sports federations.

“EYES 2004 produced excellent projects and made more sports organisations aware of the various opportunities the EU provides,” says Pack.

The German MEP stresses that the momentum needs to be kept up by promoting the role of sport in other Commission programmes dealing with youth, social integration or health for example.

Her comments come ahead of a meeting on 14-15 June which brings together the Commission and the sports movement to discuss future EU sports policy.


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