Next wave of EU sport projects to total €3 million


The European Commission's second call for transnational European projects in the field of sport will focus on the fight against doping and the promotion of social inclusion and volunteering.

The Commission's 2010 annual work programme on grants for action in the field of sport amounts to a total of €11 million.

A total budget of €3 million is earmarked for different sport projects addressing doping, social inclusion and volunteering – €1 million for each. The call for proposals will be launched shortly.

The call, entitled "supporting the fight against doping in sport in view of protecting the physical and moral integrity of sportsmen and sportswomen," will see five projects receive funding. The aim is to support transnational anti-doping networks in boosting prevention measures that target amateur and fitness sport.

Action on "promoting social inclusion in and through sport" will finance five projects focused on the social inclusion of migrants and "persons of foreign origin," as well as inter-cultural dialogue.

In the spirit of the upcoming 2011 European Year of Volunteering, a call for proposals on "promoting and supporting volunteering in sport" will fund three cross-border projects. These are expected to encourage exchange of best practice on the legal, fiscal and funding-related challenges faced by actors involved in the management and running of local sport structures.

The 2009 call totalled €4 million and focused on health-enhancing physical activity, education and training in sport, gender equality and sport for persons with disabilities (EURACTIV 19/05/09).

Special events

A total budget of €8 million is earmarked for supporting the organisation of two special sports events: the 10th biannual European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, which takes place in February 2011 in Liberec (Czech Republic) will be supported with €2 million.

A further €6 million is allocated to the European Special Olympics Summer Games in Warsaw in 2010 and the World Special Olympics Summer Games in Athens in 2011.

In a written declaration adopted in April 2009, the Parliament called the EU executive to support these Games (EURACTIV 28/04/09).

The European Commission's 2007 White Paper and Action Plan detailed future EU action on sport in view of an EU competence in the field, set to be introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon. 

In a non-binding resolution on the White Paper in 2008, the European Parliament called on the Commission to propose an EU sport programme as well as "preparatory actions" for sport as of 2009. 

In March 2009, the Commission adopted its €7.5 million 2009 annual work programme on grants and contracts for preparatory actions for sport, as well as special events. 

The main objective of the preparatory actions is to prepare future EU actions in view of the implementation of the new EU sport competence. The aim is to provide policy support and identify future policy actions, test the establishment and functioning of suitable networks and good practices, and promote greater European visibility at sporting events.

  • 2010, 2011: Preparatory actions for sport. 
  • 2012-2013: First limited EU sports programme.
  • 2014-2020: First full EU sports programme.


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