Portugal tightens up border checks for Euro 2004

In line with the new EU code on border checks on people, Portugal has reimposed border controls with other ‘Schengen countries’ to tighten up security in time for the Euro 2004 football championships.

Portugal has formally reimposed border controls with other
'Schengen countries' to tighten up security arrangements in time
for the Euro 2004 football championships in June. Between 26 May
and July, football supporters and other visitors coming to Portugal
will undergo border checks.

On the same day, the Commission adopted a Community code on the
rules governing the movement of persons across borders in the EU.
The proposed code, which was approved on 26 May, contains two
sections: one on external borders and the other on internal
borders. It is composed of legal requirements and practical
guidelines for border guards.

The proposal says that people may cross the EU's internal
borders at all times without being checked regardless of their
nationality. However, when there is a serious threat to public
order, public health or internal security, the code foresees that
Members of the Schengen area can re-introduce internal border

The proposed code is built on the rules adopted under the
intergovernmental Schengen mechanism that was in place until 1 May
2004. It makes it clear that rules on border control policy are now
an EU competence and is complementary to the EU border management
agency, which is currently being set up (see

). For it to be adopted, the code will
need the unanimous support of Member State justice and interior



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