Programme encourages young people ‘to feel more European’

The EU youth programme 2007-2013 aims to promote young people’s active European citizenship.

On 25 October 2006, the Parliament adopted the new Youth in Action programme for 2007-2013. Some €885 million is budgeted for this programme, which aims to foster the idea of belonging to the EU and to promote social cohesion and intercultural dialogue among young people aged 15-28 (13-30 for some specific actions).

“This new programme aims at encouraging young people to work together to acquire new skills through non-formal education activities, for a common project, for the defence of cultures, for a future of prosperity, understanding and peace,” said Ján Figel, commissioner for education, training, culture and multilingualism. These objectives complement those pursued in other EU policies, in particular lifelong learning, culture, sport and employment.

In practice, this EU programme will finance projects fostering young people’s mutual understanding, solidarity and their active engagement in civic activities. It will also support youth organisations that are active at EU level to promote the development of exchange, training and information schemes for youth workers and stimulate partnerships with regional and local entitites.


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