Baltic forum calls on governments to push sustainable development agenda

A multi-stakeholder forum has made fresh proposals for sustainable development in the Baltic region. Warning signals and critical trends still need to be addressed, it said.

Baltic 21 - an advisory forum to the Baltic region composed
of government officials, businesses, academics, NGOs and the
Commission - has made fresh proposals to make the region
sustainable in the long run. The proposals were sent to the Council
of the Baltic Sea States which met in Laulasmaa, Estonia, on 21

Reviewing progress made towards sustainable development over the
last five years, Baltic 21 proposed that the region "becomes an
'Eco-region' where Eco stand for both economy and ecology and where
the social dimension is strongly integrated".

The assessment of progress is positive but Baltic 21 says there
are still important warning signals and critical trends to be

  • Safeguarding the Baltic marine ecosystem
  • Energy demand management, particularly in the fossil
    fuel-driven transport sector
  • Improvements in agricultural practice and policy
  • Reducing the economic and social gaps between older and newer
    market economies

It is the fourth assessment made since Baltic 21 was launched by
the heads of government of the region in 1998. The forum produces
periodic reports for different sectors of the economy impacting on
the environment and proposes lines of action to address regional
challenges to sustainable development.

The Council of Baltic Sea States took note of the report and
expressed "interest in the concept of making the Baltic Sea region
an Eco-Region for Sustainable Development covering the economic,
ecological and social spheres".


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