Council decides on monitoring of greenhouse gases and packaging waste directive

On 26 January, the Council of Ministers formally adopted a decision on monitoring mechanisms for greenhouse gas emissions and a directive on packaging waste.

On 26 January, the EU Council of Ministers gave its go ahead to a joint decision with Parliament on the monitoring mechanisms to be put in place under the Kyoto protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It replaces aprevious decisionwhich dates back to 1993. The Parliament had previously pushed for stricter monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions (seeEURACTIV, 10 September 2003).

EU Ministers also endorsed the deal struck in Conciliation committee on the directive harmonising the way packaging is handled across the EU (see

EURACTIV, 9 December 2003). It raises the minimum objectives for the recovery and recycling of waste from 25 per cent to 55 per cent. Member States will have to meet these new targets by December 2008. Austria and the Netherlands voted against.


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