Eco-NGOs demand EU Sustainable Development Strategy

Leading environmental NGOs present joint proposals for a European Sustainable Development Strategy.

Leading environmental NGOs presented joint proposals for a European Sustainable Development Strategy. In the strategy document, the three organisations (European Environmental Bureau), Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of Nature International) react to the Commission's 'Strategic objectives 2000-2005' and propose concrete action targets and programmes to ensure that sustainable development will be more than a "side-show of warm words and empty promises".

The NGOs present 10 clear targets relating to environmental quality and demand full implementation of the precautionary principle in the areas of health and food safety.

During the Helsinki Summit in December of last year, the European Council asked the Commission to prepare a sustainable development strategy. The Commission is expected to present a draft strategy paper by the end of this year. After a public debate on the issue, the Gothenburg Council meeting in June 2001 should endorse this new strategy.

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