EU leaders pay lip service to green commitments, says EEB

The European Environmental Bureau has accused the EU leaders of ignoring their 1998 Cardiff pledge to systematically integrate environmental issues in all policy decisions.

In alettersent on 13 April, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) called on the General Affairs Council to restore the EU's green credibility by implementing the decisions made by the EU's heads of States and governments at European summit meetings.

The EEB drew attention to the 1998 Cardiff summit where EU leaders pledged to systematically integrate environmental issues into all topics dealt by their ministers when they meet in Brussels. Noting that the commitment had been restated at subsequent summits, "in particular at the 2003 Spring Summit which took further decisions to revitalise the process," the EEB points that nothing has happened since that last meeting. In fact, the only ministers who have paid any attention to those requirements, the EEB says, were those meeting in the environment Council.

"This absence of consistency means a serious blow to the credibility of the political leaders of the European Union", the NGO said. It called on the General Affairs Council - which oversees the functioning of all other Ministerial Councils of the EU - to take action to implement the Cardiff pledge, when it meets on 26-27 April.


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