Green Week 2004: can the EU ‘green’ the Lisbon agenda?

The Commission’s annual event on the environment – Green Week – will attempt to reconcile the EU’s commitments to a greener, more sustainable economy with its competitiveness targets.

The European Commission's annual event on the environment,
Green Week, opens from 1 to 4 June 2004 in a context increasingly
dominated by the the Lisbon agenda.

Central to this year's debate are the EU's commitments on
sustainable development and its aspirations to become the world's
leading economy by 2010 - the Lisbon goals. The challenge
highlighted by the Commission is whether the EU can shift "from an
economic environment to an environmental economy".

A debate organised on 3 June by Friends of Europe and moderated
by EURACTIV will look into the issue of 'greening' the Lisbon
goals. Is there anything that can be done to link the EU's
environmental policies with competitiveness? Should the incoming
European Commission pick up the challenge of 'greening' the Lisbon
goals, or are the necessary EU environmental standards and
mechanisms already in place? What should be the strategy of the
enlarged EU?

European towns and cities will also make their contribution to
the debate with the organisation of the 'European Urban Green Days'
between 24 May and 13 June.

Meanwhile, the German government is hosting an international
conference on renewable energies in Bonn, Germany. The conference -
renewables 2004 - will attempt to set out a vision for the
expansion of renewable energies worldwide for the horizon 2040.


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