International TV campaign to promote public transport

Launched on the day the Kyoto Protocol comes into force, the
campaign will promote the environmental and life-style benefits of
public transport. The global warming impact of transport is causing
growing concern among EU policy-makers.

The first international TV campaign for public transport and the
environment will be launched on 16 February. Run by the
International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and backed by
the United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP), the campaign will
promote the environmental and life-style benefits of public
transport over several major TV networks.

“Total greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector are
growing faster than any other sector,” UNEP pointed out in a press
release. According to the UN agency, transport, including road and
air, is “estimated to be responsible for 30 % of CO2 emissions in
Europe”. Small urban trips with many stop-and-goes are of
particular concern since they consume more fuel and produce more

The campaign comes as EU policy-makers are under increased
pressure to reduce the global warming impact of transport. Aircraft
emissions are one example where new initiatives are expected this
year (see EURACTIV, 2 Feb. 2005).

But European endeavours to reduce CO2 emissions from the
automotive sector have until now failed to deliver. The European
Federation for Transport and the Environment recently reported that
the voluntary target set by EU car manufacturers to reduce CO2
emissions by 140g/km in 2008 would not be met unless “unprecedented
emissions cuts” are made now.

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