Making consumer goods greener: Two pilot projects launched

As part of the EU’s Integrated Product Policy (IPP), the Commission has selected Nokia and Carrefour for two pilot projects aimed at ‘greening’ consumer goods throughout their whole life-cycle.

Two new pilot projects aimed at making ordinary consumer
goods more environmentally friendly have been selected by the
Commission as part of its Integrated Product Policy (IPP) efforts.

Size did seem to matter in the selection. The world's largest
phone producer Nokia will try to apply the IPP approach to mobile
phones while retailer Carrefour - Europe's biggest and the world's
second largest - will apply it to teak garden furniture from

The projects were approved after a tendering process according
to a set of criteria including how well they considered the whole
supply chain and to what extent the public at large is familiar
with the products.

The projects are part of the Commission's longer term strategy
to 'green' daily consumer goods known as Integrated Product Policy
(IPP). The policy's aim is to improve products' environmental
performance throughout their entire life-cycle - from suppliers to
manufacturers to end consumers.


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