MEPs demand more progress of EUs sustainability strategy

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has issued a resolution on the follow up of the strategy for sustainable development from Gothenburg.

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament demands in a resolution that the environmental dimension of the EU’s sustainable development strategy should be granted the same importance as the economic growth and social cohesion aspects.

The Chair of the Environment Committee, Mrs Jackson (UK, EPP-ED), says in the resolution that the EU should focus on developing indicators to assess the environmental aspects of sustainable development. The indicators should be clearly linked to targets and timetables. In addition, the resolution proposes:

  • the Parliament should make a contribution to the evaluation of the EU’s sustainability strategy by holding an annual debate on the most important issues;
  • the Council should sharpen the focus of the preparations for the Johannesburg World Summit;

For the plenary discussion (27-28 February) on the resolution some amendments have been introduced:

  • the EU should withhold funding from unsustainable water development schemes across Europe;
  • the Barcelona Summit should decide that the review of the Common Fisheries Policy should lead to more sustainable fishing and halt overfishing.


The EU leaders endorsed a strategy for sustainable development at the Gothenburg Summit in June 2001. It was agreed that it would be annually reviewed and a report should be sent to the European Council spring summit. (see also EURACTIV18 June 2001)


The European Parliament will discuss the resolution at its session on 27-28 February.


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