Parliament defines sustainable development demands for Barcelona Summit

The European Parliament has adopted its position on the sustainable development strategy which is to be discussed at the Barcelona summit.

On 28 February, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the follow-up of the EU strategy for sustainable development. In the resolution, the Parliament demands:

  • development of better indicators to assess the environmental aspects of sustainable development;
  • an annual debate on the sustainable development strategy, clearly involving the Parliament;
  • the withholding of EU funds from unsustainable water development schemes across Europe (see also EURACTIV21 February 2002).

In addition, the resolution regrets that the Commission’s proposal outlining the priorities for the summit in Johannesburg on sustainable development came too late to allow the Parliament to develop an in-depth position on the content.


The sustainable development strategy has not received much attention inindustrydemands the Barcelona summit.

European Environmental Bureau (EEB)stated in a press release that it "is disappointed with the Commission's preparations for the Barcelona summit and that it shares many of the concerns voiced by the Parliament". The EEB in particular welcomes the Parliament's demand for evaluation tools and indicators for sustainable development.


The EU leaders endorsed a strategy for sustainable development at the Gothenburg Summit in June 2001. The strategy aimed at reconciling economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection. In Gothenburg it was agreed that the sustainability strategy should be annually reviewed and a report should be sent to the European Council spring summit. (see also EURACTIV18 June 2001)


The Barcelona summit takes place on 15-16 March.


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