Survey on CSR shows commitment but little money

A survey finds that since September 11, 2001 American CEOs think more about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but do not spend much more money for it.

The main results of the survey show that CEOs are more and more aware of the key-role of CSR in contributing to create a better world. Despite that, very few are devoting more resources to CSR.

Issues discussed were far reaching:

  • Impact of 9/11: 36 % of the CEOs said that companies are more conscious of CSR since 9/11.
  • Terrorism: 52 % of the CEOs believe that corporations acting responsibly can weaken the influence of terrorist groups.
  • Community responsibility: 42 % of the CEOs said a company’s responsibility toward communities around the world should equal its commitment to communities in the United States.
  • Global warming: 24 % of the CEOs said business practices have had a “major impact” on global warming. An additional 48 % feel that business have had “some impact” on global warming.
  • Reacting to pressure: 3 % of the CEOs admitted their company’s commitment to CSR policies has come about from either unwanted media attention or consumer group attention.
  • Budget allocating to CSR: 9 % of the CEOs are allocating more money for CSR since September 11, 2001, while 12 % are allocating more ressources to it.
  • Future investment: 12 % of the CEOs expect to spend more money on CSR issues in the next five years.
  • What to do with more CSR budget: 24 % of the CEOs said they would spend it on work/ life programs, 15 % on environmental efficiencies, 9 % on education overseas, 6 % on child labor issues.
  • Department in charge of CSR: 52 % of the CEOs are the person responsible for handling CSR issues. 36 % said this task is managed by the “corporate communications department”.
  • Personal investments: 72 % of respondents are more likely to invest their personal finances in a company that practices CSR.

100 % of respondents said that if their salary and benefits were the same, they are more likely to work for a company that practices CSR.


A New-York based Public Relations company, Jericho Communications, released a new survey on CSR. The survey wanted to evaluate the impact of 9/11 on CSR as well as what has been done concretely on CSR after that date. 264 CEOs responded to that survey, the panel came from the Fortune 1,000 Companies.


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