Working Together Towards Sustainable Development: the OECD experience

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Working Together Towards Sustainable Development: the OECD experience

The report assesses the contribution made by OECD countries, both at home and internationally, and brings together the main lessons learned through the Organisation’s extensive work on sustainable development.

Since Rio, progress OECD countries have made progress towards sustainable development since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit but more can be done.

OECD countries are committed to show leadership. Poverty eradication remains an overarching challenge and global environmental problems need action. Ambitious poverty reduction and sustainable development goals have been agreed.

Increased trade and investment liberalisation can contribute particularly by expanding market access for those countries at the margins of globalisation.

Economic growth has improved many social conditions, but disparities persist, and better implementation of policies to address environmental problems is needed. Cost-effective solutions exist, but there are major obstacles to their use. These barriers can be overcome through policies to address adverse social effects, co-ordinated action, the development and dissemination of appropriate science and technology, and improved policy coherence for sustainable development.

Increased partnerships between OECD and non-OECD countries are needed. OECD countries can support developing countries in their efforts including through providing the right frameworks for private financial flows, and increasing the effectiveness of ODA.

The OECD supports its members in their efforts towards sustainable development through a range of activities. Regular reviews of performance and peer pressure help countries to monitor their progress in a consistent and comparable manner.

For the full report, please go to the

OECD website.  

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