CEWEP Waste-to-Energy Congress

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Did you know that the energy content of waste incinerated in European Waste to Energy plants equals 19% of natural gas imported from Russia?

Waste to Energy plants can help to secure energy supply in Europe by producing local energy from waste that is not good enough for recycling.

2014 is an exciting time for waste management. The Commission has put forward its proposals for achieving a circular economy.

The forthcoming CEWEP Waste-to-Energy Congress on 25 September in Brussels, will provide a great forum to discuss how integrated waste management can contribute to a clean circular economy.

Karl Falkenberg (Director General of the European Commission’s DG Environment) will open the congress as a key note speaker exploring “The Commission’s vision of a Circular Economy”.

We will also be joined by other eminent speakers from the European Parliament, the Ministry of the Environment in Italy who currently holds the EU Presidency, waste agencies, municipalities, industry, associations, waste management companies and academia.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

How can the waste targets translate into quality recycling?

How remaining waste can become a locally available source of energy?

We hope that you can join us. For further information visit www.cewep.eu

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