Circular economy targets to stay the same, says Vella

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Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella Tuesday (31 March) signalled that the European Commission’s resubmitted Circular Economy package would encourage recycling and discourage landfill.

Vella told EURACTIV that targets would be retained from the old package, which was controversially ditched as part of the executive’s drive for “better regulation”.

The recycling targets will remain the same but the approach will be different for member states which are experiencing difficulties meeting them, he said.

“We have to identify why they are not delivering on targets, what the bottlenecks are,” said Vella, “and support them to deliver them”.

The dropped package included legally binding targets of 70% recycling for municipal waste by 2030, 80% recycling for packaging, such as glass, paper, metal and plastic by 2030, and a ban on landfilling of all recyclable and biodegradable waste by 2025.

The new package will be “more ambitious” on the implementation side, Vella explained, saying it will “ensure sustainable production” by “addressing products at the design stage”.

“Today we have products which are not designed to be recycled so that will have to be addressed,” he said.

Vella also confirmed that the package would be reintroduced in Autumn this year.

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