TTIP: A Strong Framework for EU-US Regulatory Cooperation on Chemicals

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For more than 29,000 European chemical companies, TTIP is a no-brainer: European manufacturing industries – not just chemicals, but other industries we supply such as automotive and construction – face growing competition from other global regions.

Manufacturing is the backbone of Europe and a strong economy and so by enhancing trade with the US via TTIP we can protect more than 1.2 million jobs in the chemical sector. But this agreement is about more than jobs and growth.

TTIP represents an excellent way to agree a way of enhanced regulatory cooperation between the EU and US that maintains the highest safety standards. Our vision maintains the integrity of REACH – the EU chemical regulatory framework that makes sure human health and the environment are protected.

What chemical companies want to see, rather, is a reduction in administrative burden through greater regulatory cooperation. Proposals to include chemicals in TTIP therefore address the highest level of mutual scientific collaboration. Both the EU and US will maintain their existing regulatory framework and high standards on consumer protection.

Click here to download the Cefic position paper on Chemicals in TTIP

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About Cefic: Cefic – the EU chemical industry council – is the voice of over 29,000 chemical companies in Europe. We represent over 1.2 million jobs in Europe.

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