EU launches trade assistance programme for ACP countries

On 25 July, the Commission approved a 50 million euro programme for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) to help them improve their participation in world trade.

The six-year programme will help ACP countries increasingly benefit from trade opportunities that could contribute to their growth and development. In particular, the assistance will be used to help these countries participate in trade negotiations, integrate trade in their development strategies, produce to the required international standards and develop their capacity to export.

The programme aims at strengthening local capacities to formulate trade policies encouraging stakeholder participation and supporting the establishment of a network of ACP trade experts. It will also fund pilot projects to address institutional constraints, including compliance with technical standards as well as sanitary and phyto-sanitary requirements.

The trade assistance programme is fully in line with the EU's commitment to building capacity in developing countries under the Doha Development Agenda (DDA). The EU is already the main contributor to the DDA Global Trust Fund in the WTO. Trade assistance is also a key element of the EU-ACP Economic and Partnership Agreements currently under negotiation.


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