European industry leaders push for progress in WTO trade negotiations

On 30 October, 45 EU industry chiefs expressed their continued support for multilateralism in trade negotiations and urged the EU to make progress in WTO talks.

While the EU's trade negotiators are still assessing the reasons for the failure of the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancún, Mexico (10-14 September 2003), business leaders are urging the EU not to call into question the need for a multilateral approach to trade and not to propose changes to the WTO's institutional structure at this time.

"There should be no doubt on the continuing commitment to multilateralism that has driven Europe for decades," states a press release issued by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) on 30 October. "It is certainly not the time to be distracted with an agenda for institutional reform in the WTO - even if such reform may be a worthwhile objective in the longer term," the press release goes on to say.

Instead, the 45 business leaders of the ERT, urge the EU to "energetically re-engage with trading partners on the substance of the Doha Round."


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