Lamy delays introduction of new banana regime

Trade Commissioner Lamy announces delay in introduction of new banana regime at Washington press conference

The EU is prepared to delay the introduction of its new 'first-come-first-served' banana regime in an effort to reach a peaceful solution with the US. Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy made the announcement at a joint press conference in Washington DC with USTR Robert Zoellick on 9 March. Mr Lamy stated that he was not only prepared to explore the adjustment of the 'first-come-come-first-served' system, but also the possibility of a quota system as well as.

This conciliatory approach comes in the wake of statements by Mr Zoellick to the US Congress Ways and Means Committee on 7 March that he was prepared to use so-called carousel trade retaliation in the US-EU dispute over bananas.

Mr Lamy and Mr Zoellick were both at pains during the press conference to emphasise their own good personal relations and their willingness to work together to improve the bilateral and multilateral trade environment.

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