Moore hails EU’s ‘Everything But Arms’ initiative

WTO boss Mike Moore hails ‘Everything But Arms’
initiative as concrete demonstration of EU

The head of the World Trade
Organisation (WTO), Mr Mike Moore, has praised the EU’s
‘Everything But Arms’ (EBA) initiative as a “tangible
contribution to global trade” that takes into account
development concerns. Whilst noting that Canada, Japan,
Korea, New Zealand, Norway and the United States had
previously taken similar, if less far reaching, measures,
he called on other countries to follow the example of the

The EBA initiative is designed to give
unrestricted duty-free access to the EU for all products
from 48 of the world’s least developed countries (LDCs)
except those relating to the arms industry. The EBA is
seen as a way of helping LDCs to adopt the kind of
policies that will promote development and help alleviate

The EBA will come into effect from 5
March 2001. Opposition from the farming lobby has led to
an extension of the envisaged liberalisation transition
periods for several politically sensitive agricultural

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