Commission presents draft on pedestrian safety

On 19 February 2003, the Commission presented its new proposal for a framework directive on pedestrian protection.

As expected, the Commission's draft is based on the principal requirements and objectives of the voluntary agreements signed with the European, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers in 2001-2002 (seeEURACTIV 8 January 2003).

The latter include a commitment to meet the standards developed by ACEA and the Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) for all new types of cars by 2005, and the safety standards developed by the European Enhanced Safety Vehicle Committee (EEVC) by 2010, subject to a prior feasibility assessment.

The detailed test requirements will be spelled out by a separate Commission decision at a later stage.

Transport safety and consumer NGOs have voiced harsh criticism of the proposal. They say it fails to provide sufficient protection to pedestrians, even though the relevant technology is already available on the market.

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