Council debates plans for Single European Sky

On 3 October, the Council discussed Commissioner de Palacio’s proposals for a Single European Sky. A political agreement is expected only in December.

On the first day of its session of 3-4 October, the Council took note of a progress report from the Presidency on the Single European Sky package.

The package consists of a framework regulation and three implementing regulations. The proposals are aimed at establishing a European-wide control system in order to increase flight safety and efficiency.

The most sensitive issues that are currently being examined include

  • the involvement of the military
  • the relationship with Eurocontrol (the European air navigation organisation), and
  • the legal basis to be used.

The European Parliament approved the proposals with an overwhelming majority on 3 September (see EURACTIV on

6 September 2002).

The Council aims at reaching a political understanding at its session on 5-6 December, in line with the conclusions of the Barcelona European Council. The Single European Sky is meant to be completed in 2004.


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