EP Transport Committee wants bigger say on trans-european transport projects

According to the EP Transport Committee, the Commission’s proposal on the Trans-European Transport Network does not grant the Parliament a sufficient role in the monitoring and controlling of the Network’s creation.

The report adopted by the Parliament's Transport Committee on 17 February shows that MEPs want to play a bigger role in the development of the trans-European transport network than currently foreseen. MEPs have introduced amendments to ensure that the Parliament is consulted on:

  • the appointment of the European coordinator [which will facilitate the implementation of projects declared to be of European interest],
  • the launch and results of environmental impact assessments,
  • the decision to withdraw the classification of the project as a project declared to be of European interest.

They have asked for the European co-ordinators' yearly reports on progress in implementing the projects to be addressed not only to the Commission but also to the European Parliament.

MEPs backed the introduction of 'motorways of the sea' to launch new regular transnational cargo shipping lines. These routes are intended to improve links with islands and enable goods traffic to avoid natural barriers such as the Alps and the Pyrenees.

The Parliament is expected to vote in plenary on this issue at the end of March.


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