EU wants to make buses and lorries safer

On 14 July, the Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive laying down stricter EU-wide technical requirements for utility vehicles.

The Commission decided to replace Council Directive 70/156/EEC on the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers and its subsequent 18 modifications by one single directive. Under the new directive, utility vehicles and coaches will need a European certificate, instead of just national approval.

To get this EC type approval certificate, manufacturers of utility vehicles will have to comply with stricter technical requirements. The new directive foresees that some devices must become compulsory by 2006:

  • ABS (anti-blocking systems for wheels when braking);
  • new and more efficient rear mirrors;
  • improved light-signalling;
  • edge protection;
  • anti-splashing devices for the tyres.

Buses and coaches will have to provide easy access to persons with reduced mobility.

These measures will be implemented from January 2006 and will be phased in up to 2010 depending on the category of vehicle.

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