Parliament approves extra funds for cleaning-up oil slicks

MEPs have adopted a first-reading report in which they back granting €154 million to its Agency responsible for maritime safety (EMSA) in order to better respond to pollution caused by ships.

After a series of oil slicks that devastated European coasts in the past decade, the Commission decided that it was necessary to grant additional funds to the European Maritime Safety Agency in view of helping Member States provide an effective response to pollution caused by oil from ships. 

The Parliament, on 5 September 2006, adopted a report (in agreement with the Council) on this proposal wherein it supports the Commission’s plans, although specifying that the activities of the Agency should not replace coastal states’ action to combat pollution, but rather be complementary, providing, for example, adequate vessels for fighting pollution. 

Thanks to the additional resources, EMSA will also be able to develop a centralised satellite imagery service which will facilitate the surveillance of European seas so as to detect polluting incidents earlier and identify the ships responsible. 

The Parliament’s report also extends the scope of the regulation intervention to deal with hazardous and noxious substances that can endanger human health and marine life. 

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