Transport Ministers want quick implementation of increased safety in ports and ships

During their Council meeting held on 9 October, Transport Ministers held a debate in first reading on maritime transport security.

On 9 October, Transport Ministers agreed to speed up the decision making process regarding the Regulation on enhancing ship and port facility security through a better coordination with the European Parliament. This Regulation will incorporate into EU legislation the maritime security measures adopted in December 2002 by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in order to prevent acts of terrorism against ships. The date agreed by the IMO for the implementation of those measures has been set at 1 July 2004.

The Council also held a debate on the draft directive on pollution from ships and criminalisation of pollution offences, which integrates the international rules on ship-source pollution (MARPOL Convention) into Community law. Ministers expressed their will to adopt a legal instrument which is as dissuasive as possible. They want to be able to act against ships, even under the flag of a third State, if the pollution damage reaches the coasts or territorial waters of Member States.


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