Comments on: Electric trucks are necessary and coming anyway EU news and policy debates across languages Tue, 12 Feb 2019 21:38:12 +0000 hourly 1 By: Clown Face Tue, 28 Aug 2018 08:42:24 +0000 I am sometimes quite apprehensive about lifting up the rock that hides the insect-life that is the European Union and its many tendrils in Brussels.

For example, I sent our Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc a tweet about some books and in reply I receive a signed tweet with an emoji of a sunflower.

Now, to me that only says one thing regarding the massive funding effort that is biofuels in the EU. Approximately €10 billion was spent in 2011 for example, and this was just in debts; not even part of a ‘plan’. €4.5 billion was spent in a single year quite recently, and I am guessing this is about average for biofuel subsidies. In comparison, hydrogen and fuel cells have received €886m over 5 years.

And then there is the fact that rather than cap the use of imported palm oil used as transport fuel (suggested earlier this year), the Commission has now approved the use of biofuels for another 12 years, right up to 2030. Palm oil alone has an emissions output three times that of fossil fuels – and makes up a third of our biofuel use here in the EU.

So really, it doesn’t surprise me when both on the website and on the email subscription preferences of the Transport & Environment website I find as the second item on the list biofuels yet again. Everybody knows about climate change; they know biofuels are at best a stopgap and at worst a money-grab. But the entire transport policy in the EU is even named: ‘The Blending Call’. Its as if there is no attempt to hide the fact that no-one is even trying to decarbonise; we know the damage and expense of biofuels and yet there is no mention of hydrogen in transport anywhere. In fact barge transport recently received more money than anything given to hydrogen; despite the fact that anyone with any knowledge of transport or fuel knows 100% that the only way to decarbonise is via hydrogen.

Its as if there is a vast conspiracy and the fact is: there is. But some people are either too badly informed or too complacent to even care about finding out any real facts about the industry and its costs.

This is an illness. Its very hard to describe how illogical it seems when so many people are seemingly unable to do even the simplest of tasks, and lie about their seeming ‘achievements’ as if Europe has no responsibility to decarbonise and there was some alternative plan that somehow made a lot more sense, which involved steadily increasing the amount of fossil fuels we import from dangerous third world countries, rapidly proliferating the sale of arms and possibility of future insurgencies, ensuring the ongoing cost to the economy and all to fund the greatest horror the planet has seen to date: a globally apocolyptic change of climate that will render any effort to create any peace or security in the future completely redundant.

Who do these people think they are? Are we expected to simply buy in to the massive incompetence and corruption that now characterises everything the EU does regarding fossil fuels? I hate to generalise as I sincerely do not want to find out what I suspect is the true situation in Brussels, but one thing is for certain – a vast number of people are either too stupid and closeted in their beliefs they think nothing they do has consequences of any kind, or they are corrupt and have forgotten how to care. I suspect it is a mixture of the two.

Why not get people who can actually do their jobs? Do you not feel even a pang of guilt that collectively the European Union is basically causing the most damage in real terms essentially out of lying and inactivity? That we might have had a chance if some of these individuals did any work whatsoever in their illustrious careers as propaganda-merchants?

Who the hell do they expect is going to save them when they realise what they have done with the responsibility they were given?

I am disgusted.