Safety on Roads: What’s the Vision?

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Safety on Roads: What’s the Vision?

Approximately 125 000 people die every year on the roads of OECD countries. In other words, one road crash victim dies every four minutes. The real tragedy is that, to a large extent, these crashes and the resultant deaths and injuries could be prevented.

The argument for road safety investment is not simply an emotional one. Road crashes represent a serious economic burden: their cost is estimated to represent up to 4% of GDP in some countries. Fatalities across OECD countries could be halved if all governments were fully committed to improving road safety by implementing and enforcing best practice measures.

This report identifies and assesses “best practices” among road safety programmes in OECD countries. Emphasis is placed on those programmes that have been evaluated. In addition, the underlying criteria that influence the success or failure of these “best practices” are identified to facilitate the development of effective road safety policies in Member countries.

OECD 2002

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