The inclusion of personal light electric vehicles in road traffic

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The International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA) is globally well-positioned to deliver and is engaged in defining the technical standards of vehicle approval, the procedures for periodic testing and inspection and the right equipment required for testing of all vehicle types.

CITA carries out this work with the constant intention of improving road safety & minimising transport’s environmental impact.

Saying that we have recognised the need to facilitate the safe adoption and consistent deployment of Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) as part of mixed, intermodal transportation and to facilitate a reduction in local congestion and improve environmental quality.

The present position paper proposes a range of safety improvements for enabling PLEVs. We do not believe that these should be treated as toys and should be regulated accordingly. Safety can only be achieved effectively by looking at the status of vehicles across Europe, and;

  • considering the application of current Periodic Technical Inspections rules
  • providing a recommendation for a harmonized approval framework within the EU

CITA recommends a complete motorized vehicle approval and Periodic Technical Inspection regime which includes all inspection areas set out in Directive 2014/45/EU as amended.

Our position paper contains numerous annexes which support our recommendations. In brief, these include; that PLEVs are quickly anchored as a separate vehicle category within EU type-approval legislation and that regulation includes technical assessments as vehicles. We also call for collaboration to define and harmonise vehicle and equipment technical standards, carriage on public transport, use, insurance, modification and continuous approval. Keys to commercialisation include a normative specification on software security, access and manipulation together with protecting personal data, uniformity of the rental process and payment capabilities.


The International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA) is a world-wide association of authorities and authorized members active in the field of vehicle compliance. It is the impartial partner to enable programs and policies for safe and clean vehicles.


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