Taming heavy road transport emissions

Transport is responsible for a quarter of the EU's emissions but countries are struggling to bring levels down. [Rudmer Zwerver/Shutterstock]

Transport is responsible for a quarter of the EU’s total emissions, and 25% of that comes from heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses. But countries are struggling to bring the levels down and it remains unclear what is the best way to go about taming such a problematic sector.

Following the European Commission’s first foray into trying to regulate heavy-duty vehicles, policymakers and influential figures from the transport industry attended the European Transport Forum in Brussels to see what happens next.

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  • ‘We don’t have to rush our trucks legislation’, warns MEP

    Interview | Transport 27-09-2018

    The head of the European Parliament’s environment committee has urged her MEP colleagues not to rush the adoption of new EU rules on heavy-duty vehicle emissions, casting doubt on whether the Third Mobility Package can be finalised under this current Parliament.

  • Truck emissions and the Pandora’s Box of ambition

    News | Transport 26-09-2018

    EU lawmakers are currently tinkering with the European Commission’s first attempt to regulate heavy-duty vehicle CO2 emissions. But a debate is now raging about how strict those cuts should be and how soon they should be enforced.

  • Realistic ambition in truck CO2 cuts

    Opinion | Promoted content | Transport 24-09-2018

    The European Commission recently released its proposal on regulating heavy duty CO2 emissions. Rolf Willkrans describes the “not insurmountable challenge” ahead and calls for realistic yet ambitious rules to be adopted.

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