The nexus between data and transport

The challenging road ahead for transport and data. [Photo: Shutterstock]

Digitalisation and the use of data is increasing in various sectors, not least in transport. As the coronavirus looks set to accelerate the meeting of the digital and mobility worlds, policy-makers and legislators will have to make sure it is a happy union and not an ugly crash.

The European Union is reviewing how its rules govern data and digital spaces, in order to better achieve initiatives like the Green Deal and its industry policies. In this report, EURACTIV looks at where transport comes into the mix.

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  • Transport leaders go in search of safe data spaces

    News | Transport 26-10-2020

    The coronavirus is likely to accelerate transport’s shift towards digitalisation and help the sector decrease both its environmental footprint and its costs. But in order for digital solutions to work, trust has to be built first, top industry voices have warned.

  • Trust is crucial in unlocking power of data sharing, MEP says

    Interview | Transport 29-10-2020

    Transport is turning increasingly to digitalisation to cut costs, boost services and reduce emissions. But the potential of data sharing, seen as a major opportunity and challenge in equal measure, needs to be unlocked. MEP Josianne Cutajar explained how the EU aims to do just that.

  • Why road transport needs data governance

    Opinion | Promoted content | Transport 09-11-2020

    Data is power. In the world of road transport, where vehicles and companies generate huge amounts of data, who holds this power? With no legal framework to regulate the use of business-to-business (B2B) data at the EU level, the question …

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