CLEPA statement on ‘Low-Emission Mobility Strategy’

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In response to the European Commission’s proposal for a Low-Emission Mobility Strategy, CLEPA presents the following video statement.


CLEPA is the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, representing an industry of more than 3 thousand companies and more than 5 million people.

We welcome the European Commission’s new European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility. Automotive suppliers are already getting behind the transition to a low emission future by developing a wide range of technologies to support this action.

However, in order to reduce Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels and to cut transport related emissions, we believe technological neutrality must remain a key principle as it will ensure that innovation will be spread across all promising emission reduction paths.

Therefore, technological advances to improve ICE efficiency and to realise the potential of alternative fuels must be maintained as well as electrification in its various forms. Future legislation is key, not only for saving the environment, but in maintaining employment opportunities and the well-being of EU citizens, driven by our competitive edge in new technologies across the world.

We feel this is a strategy that can both tackle climate change and safeguard Europe’s position as a world leader in the global automotive industry. Today, we reaffirm our continued commitment to work with relevant industry partners and policymakers to achieve this goal.

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