The transition to sustainable and smart mobility: How do we get there?

In February 2020, European Commissioner for Transport Valean gave her first insight into the Commission’s reflections on the future of transport and mobility. She welcomed the European Parliament’s choice to put sustainability at the centre of the debate as it perfectly mirrors EC President Von der Leyen’s political guidelines driven by the ambition of the European Green Deal to ensure that transport makes its important contribution to climate neutrality by 2050.

She also stressed that transport must be fit for the digital age, when it comes to harnessing digital technologies to make mobility smart as well as sustainable.

The Commission will adopt a forward-looking strategy later this year, following a public consultation. It is designed to pave the way for equipping the EU with a mobility that is sustainable, modern, accessible, safe, secure and competitive for the decades to come. The strategy will include ambitious measures aimed at significantly reducing CO2 and pollutant emissions across all modes. It aims to exploit digitisation and automation, enhancing connectivity to the next level.

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