Comments on: Europe ‘à la carte’: The whats and whys behind UK opt-outs EU news and policy debates across languages Tue, 09 Apr 2019 03:50:14 +0000 hourly 1 By: devbod Fri, 08 May 2015 12:03:39 +0000 There is not a single person from the UK that could read your comment about the monarchy and not laugh at your stupidity. I do not believe you have ever been here.

It is interesting to see that many of the posters who claim to be pro EU also seem to be the most racist in their postings and blind to the goals to which the EU claims to aspire.

By: Iwantout Fri, 08 May 2015 00:58:22 +0000 I can certain agree with you that we should not have joined the EEC, many in the UK will never forgive General De Gaulle for succumbing to old age, finally leaving office and allowing George Pompidou to take over and open the door for Heath. Still we are where we are however much both of us might regret it.

To describe the UK as a feudal society is I assume a joke. We executed the last person who tried to be an absolute monarch in 1649, many many years before democracy in any form emerged in most of the rest of Europe. Ever since we have had a parliamentary democracy at least in some form. Admittedly in the early stages it had only a limited electorate, but nonetheless for approaching the last century we have had universal suffrage and the House of Commons clearly and entirely dominant.

I do wonder what has soured you so much against the UK during your time in this country, was it the weather ? The UK is far from perfect certainly, but we do have much that we can be proud of.

By: an european Fri, 08 May 2015 00:28:46 +0000 What to say…
Well Europe is neither a single corn of confed or federation but it is a disaster stone of misconstructed hybridsystem of optins and optouts.In other words a specific pie for every member-states !
The Eurozone is a disaster and soon – it won’t take any longer – Mario Draghi may again to intervene politically but not endless and finally give up because elected Leaders disregards the common path . This all was done to remain just because to remain the british relationship in the European Union .
Enough is enough – this time not more – and I hope – Cameron who stick to the promise to exit of the E.U. will be once for ever be achieved !
This time the EU has to focus on itself and not anymore on Uk ! Kick UK out ! Europe should become the strongest empire of the history ever – without to need to mention that it once were !

By: quietoaktree Thu, 07 May 2015 22:39:40 +0000 devbod

I know Britain much better than you apparently do — I know other societies to compare it with.

The British´ugly bigotry´ I refused to accept — while living in Britain.

–and still do.

Be careful of where your neck is (“I’m going to stick my neck out”… )

By: devbod Thu, 07 May 2015 20:15:58 +0000 I’m going to stick my neck out and guess that you have never actually known a British person. If you had you would know how ridiculous such a statement is.

Why not come over and have a short holiday here and actually ask people their opinions on the EU. You may not like everything you hear but at least it will be the truth rather than the ugly bigotry others have fed you.

By: quietoaktree Thu, 07 May 2015 19:08:37 +0000 Britain should never have been allowed to enter the EEC (far less the EU).Its sole aim is to protect the British Monarchy –and the powers it believes it should have.

I have nothing against this — but do have, if the aim (obvious !) is to bring Europe under its ´Feudalistic´ heel.

After the Nazi `jackboot´ -Europe deserves better than ´Feudalistic´crumbs, and hopefully without the UK.