1-in-3 UK firms have relocation plans due to Brexit

11% of firms – chiefly larger companies – have shifted some activities overseas while another 18% were planning to or actively considering it. [Welsh photographs / Flickr]

Brexit has prompted almost a third of British companies to move some operations abroad or at least consider it, a survey from an employers group showed on Friday (1 February).

The Institute of Directors said 11% of firms – chiefly larger companies – had shifted some activities overseas while another 18% were planning to or actively considering it.

62% said they had no intention of moving because of Brexit.

“It brings no pleasure to reveal these worrying signs, but we can no more ignore the real consequences of delay and confusion than business leaders can ignore the hard choices that they face in protecting their companies,” Edwin Morgan, the IoD’s interim director general, said.

“The UK’s hard-won reputation as a stable, predictable environment for enterprise is being chipped away.”

With two months left until Britain is due to leave the EU, investors have urged the government to ensure an orderly exit from the club it joined in 1973.

The IoD declared itself neutral ahead of Britain’s referendum on its EU membership in 2016 but it has warned since then of the potential costs of leaving the bloc.

Paris ahead of Frankfurt for Brexit City jobs

While banks in London have drastically scaled back their post-Brexit relocation estimates, they are now favouring France to Germany, according to a survey led by Reuters. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.

British lawmakers on Tuesday instructed Prime Minister Theresa May to reopen a Brexit treaty she struck with the European Union to replace an Irish border arrangement – and promptly received a flat rejection from Brussels.

The IoD survey showed financial and insurance companies were most likely to have already shifted some operations away from Britain, followed by manufacturers and professional, technical and scientific firms.

Most businesses which have relocated or are considering it said they were moving to countries in the EU.

The survey of 1,202 firms and was conducted between January 17 and 19.

Most EU firms plan retreat from UK suppliers

Most European businesses plan to cut back orders from British suppliers because of the slow progress of Brexit talks, a survey of company managers showed today (6 November).

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