Commission opens infringement procedures on local loop unbundling

As part of its efforts to push for more competition in broadband access, the Commission has opened infringement proceedings against 5 countries in relation to the Regulation on the unbundling of the local loop.

“Telecoms Liberalisation”


The Commission states it has taken the action against Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal in view of their "failure to ensure that the reference offer from incumbent operators is complete and sufficiently detailed". According to the Commission this offer should be sufficiently unbundled to allow competitors to pay just for what they require, and must provide in particular a breakdown of costs for the sub-loop so that an operator can install equipment closer to customers' premises than the local exchange.

The proceedings follow the action taken in December 2001 against Germany, Portugal and Greece concerning shared access to the local loop, when the Commission stated that further legal action could be taken. The Commission has recently also released a report on its sector inquiry in the unbundling of the local loop, and invited stakeholders to present their positions by 30 April 2002 (see EURACTIV

1 March 2002).


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