Commission wants input on report on local loop unbundling

The Commission has released a report on the sector inquiry in the unbundling of the local loop, and invited stakeholders to present their positions by 30 April 2002.

The study by law firm Squire, Sanders and Dempsey for the
Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority reveals that access
to the last mile of telephone lines into European homes (the so
called unbundling of the local loop (ULL)) has so far been “very
unsatisfactory”. The report concludes that new entrants are
confronted with two sets of problems:

  • tariff and cost related problems inherent to the unsatisfactory
    economic conditions of unbundling throughout Europe;
  • behavioural problems, reflecting the reluctance of telecom
    incumbents to open their premises and facilities to their

Following this study, the Commission invites all
EU stakeholders to give their comments on the report. Comments can
be sent to until 30 April. A public hearing will be organised
before summer to discuss the findings of the report and the
comments received. The unbundling or access to the local loop on
fair terms was required by a Council Regulation of December


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