Council formally adopts telecoms package

On 14 February the Council formally adopted the agreement on the telecoms package reached in December 2001. Member States now have 15 months to implement this package into their national laws.

The Telecoms package constitutes a major overhaul of the
regulatory framework for communications services, in order to
encourage more competition in the sector. For a more detailed
overview of the agreement on the Belgian Presidency compromise and
the reactions from the private sector, see EURACTIV
13 December

To complete this regulatory overhaul, the
following measures remain to be adopted:

  • The proposal for a Directive concerning the processing of
    personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic
    communications sector (taken out of the package in order to come to
    the compromise);
  • Guidelines on the market definition and the assessment of
    significant market power;
  • A Recommendation on the relevant product and service markets
    within the electronic communications sector, identifying the
    markets where sector-specific regulatory obligations may be
  • A decision establishing a 'European Regulators Group';
  • A decision establishing a 'Radio Spectrum Policy Group'.


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